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The format of the Girls Inter Association Competitions has varied since their inception to reflect the evolution of the girls game across Wales.


Here is a list of historical winners and runners up:


Under 11s:  



2018    Swansea

2019    Cardiff & Vale         RCT




U14 Girls Regional



2012   West Glamorgan     Powys


2013   West Glamorgan     North East Wales


2014   Eryri                        Cardiff


2015   Cardiff & Vale         North East Wales




Changed to U13 Girls Regional in 2016



2017     Cardiff & Vale       RCT




Changed to U13 Inter Association in 2018



2018     RCT                      Caerphilly


2019     Cardiff & Vale      Conwy




U16 Girls Regional Centenary Cup



2013     Eryri                         Glamorgan Valleys


2014     Glamorgan Valleys   Eryri


2015     West Glamorgan      Eryri




Changed to U15s Regionals



2017    Cardiff & Vale            RCT




Changed to U15s Inter Association


2018   Cardiff & Vale           RCT


2019   Powys                        RCT





* Winners listed in bold